Simple and safe travel money in up to 8 currencies
Set budgets and manage your family's everyday spending
Secure online spending at international websites
Smart management of business expenses and payments
Sharing money with friends is as easy as sharing a picture
Send money and control allowances for children studying overseas

Welcome to MyCard Prepaid Travel Money

Simple, secure and flexible spending while at home or away


MyCard allows you to store, manage and spend in up to 8 currencies: Bahraini Dinars, Saudi Riyals, UAE Dirhams, Qatari Riyals, Omani Riyals, US Dollars, British Pounds and Euros. Load funds in any currency at great locked-in FX rates, and move your money between currencies instantly online or via your mobile. MyCard provides flexibility, value and convenience whether you are an individual, a family, or a business.

Instant Money Transfer

Imagine being able to send money to your friends, family and others instantly in up to 8 currencies at a fraction of the charges of a bank transfer or remittance. Now you can with MyCard, just by picking up your mobile or logging into your account online. Perfect for giving and receiving money to anyone that has a MyCard account; whoever they are, wherever in the world they will receive the funds and be able to spend them instantly.

Flexible spending

MyCard enables you to spend your card anywhere that accepts MasterCard worldwide including online. Use MyCard at your favourite stores, cafes, restaurants, hotels, airlines, online retailers or at ATMs anytime, anywhere and in any currency.


MyCard is a prepaid Platinum MasterCard issued by Al Baraka Islamic Bank and distributed by NEC Money Exchange. All purchases are protected by Chip & PIN and your money is held in secure, like a bank account but with more flexibility and benefits.


Manage your money and profile online, via your mobile, or over the phone. Get balances, see statements, make transfers, and reload online (coming soon!). You choose when and how to access your account – we are here for you 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

How can I use MyCard?

MyCard is a super flexible, value for money, multi-currency payment account that is suitable for practically everybody – whether you are spending money at home, are traveling, or have family living overseas:

Prepaid Travel Money

Apply, load it, and go! Wherever you are traveling and no matter how long you are away; MyCard will make managing your foreign currency more simple and will make your money go further. With 8 currencies available, MyCard gives you choice, convenience and security. Need to save up for your holiday? Get a MyCard now and start to save your holiday spending money with great locked in rates that protect you from any FX rate changes.

Everyday Spending Money

Want to manage your money better by separating spending money from your main bank account? Simply set yourself a budget, load this amount of money each week or month to your MyCard account, and manage your spending with ease. MyCard
gives you instant access online and on mobile 24/7/365; it enables you to track your spending; allows you to send money to friends and family instantly, and lets you shop online internationally with confidence.

MyCard Means Business

MyCard simplifies business money management and improves administration and control. It provides a structured and secure method of managing payments such as travel expenses and online bookings, purchases and bill payments. MyCard is prepaid meaning that spending limits are under your control at all times; this reduces risk and enables you to issue business payment cards to more of your staff with complete control.

Online Shopping

Want to shop online but don’t have a credit card? Want to shop online at overseas retailers and bag yourself a bargain? Have a credit card but are worried about using it online for security reasons? MyCard provides the perfect solution. Load your card and spend online in any of 8 currencies with the protection of a Platinum MasterCard that isn’t directly linked to your main bank account or credit card.

Manage Family Budgets

Need to pay allowances to your family, wages to your helpers, or manage the household budget? MyCard offers the perfect solution – simply load your card and send the money you want, when you want, to your friends and
family using instant P2P. Your family and helpers can buy the things they need or pay bills on your behalf, you will keep a record of all payments, and you never need keep cash at home again.

Overseas students

Have your children flown the nest to study overseas? Never worry again about paying bills and allowances – simply apply for a MyCard and give them a secondary card under your account. You can send money to them instantly in any of 8 currencies and track all of their spending to make sure it gets spent on the things you expect. MyCard is instant, secure, and cheaper than bank transfer or remittance.

Flexible Money Management

Manage your money how you choose and when you chose online or via your mobile: MyCard lets you stay in control of your spending and manage your personal details with ease:

Check your balances

Instant P2P Money Transfer

Get a paperless statement

Move funds between currencies

See your transaction history

Online topup – COMING SOON!

Take a look at our simple to follow ‘how to’ guides and FAQs to get the most from your MyCard.

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